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Born and raised in Cape Town, Devil’s Peak has been at the forefront of the South African craft beer scene since 2012. For the last six years, we have built a reputation as one of the country’s leading and pioneering craft brewery.

Our passion is in creating beers with loads of flavour, character and depth using exclusively the finest ingredients from around the world. Beers that push boundaries, beers that our drinkers take the time to stop and savor in an ever increasingly frenetic world.

Riot Brew

Slow Beer

One of South Africa’s first well established and award -winning microbreweries since 2010.

We brew a wide range of great craft beers that are loved for their flavour, high quality ingredients and slow brewing process.

Each beer in the range has unique characteristics and an inspiring story dedicated to the endangered creature it honours and supports through various conservation 

programs we donate to.

Sxollie Cider

Single Varietal Craft Cider and Perry

Crafted from the freshest produce from the Elgin region in Cape Town, South Africa, SXOLLIE's award winning single varietal ciders are made only with 100% press pressed juice. Fermented with champagne yeast for an elegant flavour profile, SXOLLIE is an easy-drinking cider that beautifully captures the essence of the fruit.

Wilderer Fynbos Gin Singapore

Fynbos Gin

Produced in harmony with nature. The finest wine spirits, unique fynbos botanicals and the clearest spring water from the Franschhoek mountains, makes this Cape Gin a true South African speciality.


This unique South African GIN is carefully crafted from a special selection of fynbos botanicals, roots & spices, including wild dagga, honeybush, buchu and devil’s claw.




100% Natural Rooibos Ice Tea Brew

Concocted from all natural ingredients with not one chemical in sight. Uber Flavour combines wild Rooibos from the deserts north of Cape Town with natural flavours added during the brew process. No additives, no added sugar, no lingering aftertaste, just a refreshed palate. 

Sice 1891, Boylan Bottling has been hand-crafting sodas in small batches with homegrown recipes that still call for real ingredients like natural oils and extracts. Boylan uses pure cane sugar which not only tastes better but also enhances the flavours rather than masking them with the cloying syrupy sweetness of High Fructose Corn Syrup. A truly authentic American soda pop that deserves to be enjoyed.

Classic Craft Soda



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